Mini lição – Um Phrasal verb, dois significados: “turn down”

Mini lição – Um Phrasal verb, dois significados: “turn down”

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To turn down:
1. To reject a person, a thing, or an offer

2. To reduce or lower the setting on something, like the volume on the radio or the temperature on the thermostat (air conditioner)

Read the following dialogue aloud and answer the quiz questions below.

Laura: So Jake, did you accept that job offer with the software company?

Jake: No, I turned it down because I didn’t want to move to Silicon Valley.

Laura: I understand. That must have been a difficult decision.

Jake: It was, but I’m OK with it. Hey, the music is really loud. Do you mind if I turn it down?

Laura: In a minute; this is my favorite song.

Jake: OK.

Talk about it: What have you turned down recently?

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